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Hello Everyone, and thank you for your time. We are Inertia The Rock Band, an American Alternative Rock Group.
We write songs about growing up and learning to stand up for yourself and standing up for your friends when they can't stand on their own two feet. We have a couple of different campaigns going right now. 1 is with our song Guilty Crown, as we push to End Domestic Violence by Donating a small part of our proceeds from album sales to A Voice For The Innocent and other Non Profit Organizations. We have another Campaign out with our song " The Run " , designed to help end Child, Adult and Teen Suicide.

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Inertia (U.S)
Costa Mesa, California
Inertia is an All American Alternative Rock Band with Extreme Metal roots that formed from Guitar Player Zack Harris and Singer Song Writer Dillon Forst joining together to write music and create a new flavor of sound found completely absent in their local Rock Music scene.
In 2017 the band finished the record,set its release and is now headed by Dillon Forst on all fronts, prepping for a U.S Tour

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